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  CNN    Weekend Early Start    News/Business. Ashleigh Banfield, Zoraida  
   Sambolin. The day's top news and events. New.  

    July 8, 2012
    6:00 - 7:00am EDT  

damaging winds. extreme heat and more possible storms, of course, seem to be on the way. meteorologist sarah dillinger joins me now. where and when is this cold front going to hit? >> well, the good news is, we've seen this drop through chicago already. your temperatures are going to be back into the 80s today. as we looked at the map of the heat advisories, we're already seeing a big chunk of the country with none of those advisories today. only 12 state now under heat advisories for this afternoon, that's about half of what we've been seeing over the past three days. that cold front you're talking about, look at the temperatures for chicago today. 82 degrees after a stretch of three days of over 100 degrees for that city earlier this week. those guys finally getting relief. columbus, 93. new york, 92. some places are still going to be a little bit warm today. we already saw the front push through yesterday across the northeast, bringing with it severe storm, as well. take a look by tuesday. 81 chicago. 88 in lexington. and 89 in columbus.
even d.c., dropping down to 86 degrees. that front is helping to break down the ridge. even though the front doesn't get all the way into the deep south, it's definitely going to be helping to bring relief. those folks in the west, unfortunately, are going to see the heat build there and possible 90s and around 100 as far north as montana. randi? >> thank you very much for the update. to tokyo now where secretary of state hillary clinton made it clear time is running out for syria's government. she talked about recent high-level defections from the syrian military and the growing strength of opposition forces. >> the future to me should be abundantly clear to those who support the assad regime. the days are numbered. >> clinton was in tokyo for a donors conference on afghanistan where $16 billion was pledged to help the country's transition. in russia, flash flooding has killed at least 140 people. people climbed into trees and on to rooftops to escape the rising
waters. russian president putin toured the area and promised to help rebuild the homes lost in the floods. cnn has the incredible pictures of the damage. >> reporter: floodwaters rise in southern russia, sweeping through houses as people slept, unaware and vulnerable. the rushing water submerged streets, ripped out traffic lights, and stranded vehicles. thousands of people have been affected. witnesses say they were shocked by the force and intensity of the deluge. >> translator: we lost our property. all we have invested in. first of all, it's a shock, of course. the car has drowned over there. everything is ruined. it was frightening. >> translator: yes, it happened just when i was driving. i managed to stop the car, but the landslide was too big. the airbags worked, so neither me, nor the passenger was hurt. >> reporter: russian officials are calling it the worst disaster in the region in a decade. several districts have been declared emergency zones.
>> translator: we have the most difficult situation. 1/3 of the houses are in water. 20 emergency and fire trucks have arrived there already. and the rescue squad is on its way. also, the ministry has made a decision to send two planes and three helicopters from moscow. >> reporter: the flooding is also a major blow to resort areas in the region at the very height of the tourist season. officials say one town actually got two months of rain in 24 hours. another town, five months' worth. the news agency says in one community, floodwaters rose seven meters, 23 feet, overnight. cnn, atlanta. back here in the u.s., police broke up a major drug trafficking operation in tempe, arizona. investigators say it was run by a mexican drug cartel. 20 people were arrested, and authorities seized three tons of marijuana and more than $2 million in cash.
let's get to new information on that mystery illness that is killing children in cambodia. doctors now think that they may have found a common link. it's called the ev-71 virus. in adults it is usually fought by a healthy immune system. for children it can cause paralysis and death. also there is no effective vaccine. we have more live from phnom penh. do they know if this ev71 is for sure the cause? >> reporter: no. the answer to that just plainly is no. they've not -- they're not sure whether or not this is the cause. this is not determined. they haven't said yes, it's ev71, the culprit. what they're doing is they're doing more tests to try and determine exactly what the cause might be. the world health organization was clear in saying that this new information does not solve the problem of this undetermined disease that has been going around, what they're calling a mystery syndrome. we did, however, speak with a
doctor who treated two children who had this mystery syndrome. those two children died within 48 hours of being brought to the hospital. one of them died within 24. what they noticed in these children was that they came in with very high fever. they were having much difficulty breathing. and in one case, the child's lungs deteriorated literally hour pby hour. that child died within 24 hours. there's concern not only with doctors trying to treat this illness, they're not sure what it is, but of course parents, very worried about their children here in cambodia because dozens have died after getting this syndrome. >> what is the situation at the hospital? are the doctors overwhelmed? do they think they'll be able to deal with this? >> reporter: they're doing their best. what's happened is in phnom penh, the capital, that's where the majority of the cases have
been discovered. mainly because the children's hospital that is here is well-known around the country and many people would bring their child if they're very stockton that hospital in particular -- very sick to that hospital in particular. many people are coming from the southern part of the country, though they're not clustered. there's not one area where they're finding lots and lots of cases but dotted around the south. doctors now are always dealing with other kinds of illnesses like dengue fever and encephalitis. dengue fever is a big problem. about 50 children per day are admitted to the particular hospital that we were in during the rainy season which is now. they're dealing with that. but this particular disease has people worried and concerned. they're really looking for the answer. what is it that is killing these children? >> a terrible, terrible situation there. thank you for the update on that. now here's a rundown of the stories we're working on this morning. a virus infects millions of
computers worldwide and the fbi is going to kick some of you off the internet on purpose starting tomorrow. then a wild scene at this ohio gas station when a runaway semi crashes near one of the gas pumps. the family of nelson mandela offers a unike tribute to the i-- unique tribute to the icon ahead of his 95th birthday. his granddaughter tell us what it is. and one on one with ringo starr, the music legend reflects on his days as a member of the fab four. they were incredibly, you know, exciting and important days for me. and the music we made is still important. [ female announcer ] the coffee house.
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two giants of social media have settled their differences. facebook and yahoo! are officially friends again. the two companies say they have settled the patent lawsuit yahoo! filed against facebook four months ago in a strategic deal that included no cash. in march, yahoo! filed the lawsuit alleging that facebook infringed on ten of its patents related to advertising privacy, customization, and social networking. monday could be a bad day for many of us who use the internet. there's a computer virus that's infecting thousands of computers. it appears the only way the fbi can fix it will involve shutting down servers that provide your internet service. to better explain all this, l let's break it down in terms that we'll all understand.
>> reporter: this is what you need to watch out for this weekend. the fbi went after this virus called the dns changer through a thing called operation ghost click. why did they call it that? this virus target good four million computers worldwide, a half million in the u.s. what it did was if you clicked on a web site, something you wanted to go to, it simply took you to another site, sometimes it looked a lot like it. for example, you went to itunes, you wanted to buy music or a movie, suddenly you were on a site that looked like it where they might steal directly from you. they were stealing ad space. the bottom line is they ripped off about $14 million this way. these were eastern european criminals, according to the fbi. they were picked up, but the virus is still out there. that's the real danger. and the big problem comes on monday when if this is inside your computer, there's a good chance you will find that you cannot get on to the internet at all. what can you do about it?
some of the biggest names on the internet have been trying to help. facebook has been sending notices to people who sign on whose computers act infected. you might have seen this. same from apple, google. letting people know that maybe there's a problem. if you think you have a problem, go to this was set up with the fbi. when you go to that web site, it will automatically show you either a green indicator here or a red indicator. green means you're clean generally. not a guarantee, but that says your computer doesn't seem to have a problem. if it comes up red, act quickly. in any event, check out all of your spyware, malware indication, protections on your computer. get all the updates this weekend. make sure that your security system's working as well as possible to help get this out of your computer. and take a little time, go to that web site and just make sure
because you don't want to find that it's monday and the ghost got you. checking stories across the country now. a storm packing heavy winds and intense rain slammed into a missouri marina lifting one dock completely out of the water and turning it upside down. local officials say at least a dozen boats at the marina sank. an employee says it will probably take the rest of the summer to repair all the damage. to ohio where a semi tries to make a turn off a freeway exit ramp -- whoa! wow. only to roll over, as you see, on its side. truck slides toward the gas pump. amazingly actually doesn't hit it directly. apparently the brakes failed. the driver says the load inside his rig shifted, causing the truck to overturn. workers at the gas station say the truck driver's skill helped avoid what could have been a huge disaster.
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a huge change in the world of soccer. fifa has approved the use of goal line technology. it will use a combination of cameras and sensors to aid referees in calling a goal or not. fans and players have wanted this for years. especially after england was denied a clear goal against germany in the 2010 world cup. fifa plans to use the new technology by december. ♪ under the sea under the sea ♪ ♪ darling it's better down where it's wetter ♪ it may be better under the sea, but you won't see any airli ariels down there. noaa crushed the dreams of boys and girls by releasing this statement -- are mermaids real? no evidence of aquatic humanoids have been found. people are scratching their heads as to why the federally funded agency felt the need to post a statement on its web
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welcome back. to politics now and an award for donald trump. the real estate mogul will be given the statesman of the year award by the sarasota, florida, republican party. the $1,000-seat event takes
place a day before the republican national convention gets underway up the highway in tampa. trump, who flirted with his own presidential run, has endorsed mitt romney. retiring massachusetts congressman barney frank made history with an i do. he married his long-time partner yesterday. that makes him the first member of congress to be in a same-sex marriage while still in office. the couple wrote their own vows, pledging "to love each other and be each other's best friend in sickness and in health, in congress or in retirement, whether the surf is up or whether the surf's flat, for richer or poorer, under the democrats or the republicans." congratulations to. the holiday week is over, and that means it is time to get back on the campaign trail. cnn's paul steinhauser has more on the political events that we need to be watching this week. >> reporter: good morning. after a week on vacation with his family, mitt romney returns to the campaign trail. starting his week in colorado. reaching out to voters and
fundraising in the important rocky mountain battleground state. >> i need colorado's vote in november. >> reporter: president barack obama hits the trail in iowa tuesday. his fourth visit to the swing state this year. >> there's something about coming to iowa. >> reporter: rick santorum heads to iowa the next day. the former senator and former republican presidential candidate wants to thank voters in the state that gave him his first victory in the battle for the gop presidential nomination. santorum was romney's main opponent in the nomination hunt before dropping out in early april. wednesday, romney will speak before the naacp convention which is being held in houston. vice president joe biden addresses the gathering the next day. earlier he speaks in front of the nation's largest hispanic civil rights group. friday, president obama hits the campaign trail again. this time in another important battleground state -- virginia. >> thank you very much. attorney general eric holder addressed the crowd at that convention, promising to defend
voters' rights. >> in each of the jurisdictions where proposed changes can be shown have no effect to follow the law. can't go through the change. where they cannot meet the threshold, we will object under the voting rights act of 1965 and other laws. in order to guarantee that all eligible citizens have unrestricted access to the ballot box. >> the justice department had blocked a new texas voter i.d. law last march. it comes up before a federal court in washington tomorrow. a floating museum with 67-foot guns. we'll take you on a guided tour of the "u.s.s. iowa" as it begins its next mission." today, we stand against the tyranny of single mile credit cards. battle speech right? may i? [ horse neighs ] for too long, people have settled for single miles. with the capital one venture card, you'll earn double miles on every purchase, every day!
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welcome back.
thanks for starting your morning with us. i'm randi kaye. it is just about half past the hour. in top stories, a deadly heat wave could end for parts of the country today as a cold front moves through the upper midwest and great lakes. but there is just one problem -- the cooldown is also expected to bring storms with hail and some strong winds. the national weather service says several areas from iowa to chicago to virginia endured temperatures topping 100 degrees this weekend. and the mystery surrounding the death of 64 children in cambodia may soon be solved. health officials say a virus known as ev71 could be to blame. more tests will be run to confirm the virus' actual role. mild cases of the virus can cause cold-like symptoms, while the more serious forms can cause polio-like paralysis and death. no vaccine is available. the extradition deadline has officially passed for julian assange. authorities in sweden want to question the wikileaks founder over sex crime allegations, but it doesn't look like he's going
anywhere, at least not yet. he's thought to be in london seeking political asylum. the south american country has said it is considering his application. and check out this video. one of the cutest and most amazing survivors of the utah wildfire. phoenix, a baby golden eagle, was severely burned after the fire engulfed his nest. all of his feathers, even his head were charred. even his feet and his beak were burned. he is recovering, that's the good news. too early to tell, of course, whether he'll be able to fly. thousands of u.s. troops are heading home from wars in afghanistan and iraq. now many are fighting a war after the war. we're talking about post traumatic stress disorder, also called ptsd. it is a term that we first started to talk about in the aftermath of the vietnam war. for today's troops, it is as relevant as ever.
ptsd is a mental disorder that some get after seeing or living through a dangerous event such as war combat. a person may have a flashback or begin reliving the event. they may have bad memories or nightmares. they might feel numb or become jittery, always be on alert or on the lookout for danger. even knowing what ptsd does to a person, it's shocking that many veterans commit suicide in this country. how many? on average, 18 a day. mike has recovered from ptsd after serving in iraq. thanks for joining us this morning. >> good morning. thanks for having me. >> you have taken your experiences and made a documentary film. now you've written a book called "the blue cascade" about the experiences and how to recover from the disorder. i'm curious why you felt it was so important to share your story. >> well, i think a lot of times, you know, marines and soldiers, anybody who's fought in war has been taught that vulnerability
and weak not are the same thing. on -- weakness are the same thing. on the battlefield, they are the same thing. in the civilian world, vulnerability and weakness are not the same. vulsnesh vulnerability will allow you to talk about what happened and what you're feeling and allow you to get better. i wanted to tell my story to show others that it's okay if you're not okay. there's no shame in being upset, being angry, feeling lonely or sad. and that even warriors can cry sometimes. >> yeah. you know, i've talked to veterans like yourself who have a hard time even driving down the street if they see a piece of trash there, they're in fear it's an ied or something. a lot of them don't manage. how were you able to manage your ptsd, and how are you doing now? >> for me it was a unique story, but i think one that can be applied everywhere. you know, making the film "severe clear," you know, forced
me to confront everything that happened. i had shot video footage and got footage from others who were with us. so going through the scenes with the video editors and the director, christian frogga, and reliving all this over and over again for hours on end, weeks on end, was really like a giant therapy session. once i am lou -- once i am loued myself to open up with people that were really strangers, through time that became a shared experience. and i realized how cathartic the process was and the importance of opening up. i'm doing fine. >> you are? >> fine now. >> that's great. we have a lot of troops watching around the world this morning. what advice do you give others? >> the first thing i say is allow yourself to be vulnerable. the second thing i say, is you know, if you think you may have a problem, talk to someone about it. call a buddy. call the wounded warrior
project. reach out to the numerous organizations that are willing to help. you know, or you can go to and on the left side of the page by a piece i wrote called "there's no shame in not being superman," you can click on there and get some resources to help you. if there's anybody who knows anybody who's struggling, they need to get the book and read it. it is a story -- it's every man's story. >> you mention the documentary "severe clear," i want to look at a short clip and ask you something about it. >> sure. >> didn't take long to figure out that because of it, war gravitates toward uncertainty, chaos, and disorder. [ explosion ] [ gunfire ]
>> parts are tough to watch. what has been the reaction? >> overwhelmingly the reaction has been positive. i've spoken to, you know, hundreds of marines and soldiers who fought in the war. and they love the film because it is so raw. there is no political kind of, you know, bent to the whole thing. it's really about what it's like to fight on the front lines in combat in a war. and i think that, you know -- it was -- it's narrated by me, narrated by a combatant. not a journalist that's embedded. it's somebody who has an emotional stake in the outcome of the war. >> well, mike scott, we certainly thank you for your service. and thank you for talking about it. it soornl -- certainly hope it helps others. a museum has opened in las vegas. it is a battleship. the "uss iowa." a veteran of world war ii and the korean conflict. now out of service but not in
mothballs. let's take a tour. >> ship operations lead with the pacific battleship center on the "uss iowa." she's a gorgeous ship. she's an engineering masterpiece. she's one of our nation's treasures. watch your step. >> yes. >> i first came on board the battleship iowa in november of 1985. we had between 1,300 and 1,900 guys on board. we went through the persian gulf, we did a lot of cruises, the caribbean, the panama canal, north atlantic. 35-foot seas. that was exciting. she's appointed a sword. she's a battleship. take a loork, and you'll see wh. this is where decisions were made in world war ii, in the '40s. you get chills. we helped to shell korea, through the korean war, during the cold war, too. the russians were like, wow, look at that ship. back in the '40s during the tehran conference, president
roosevelt used this to cross the ocean to meet with churchill and stalin. he was in a wheelchair as you know. this was where he stayed. this is the only ship in the navy with a bathtub. past president and future, president roosevelt took a bath in this tub. in the '80s, they retrofitted the ship. and these are for anti-aircraft, and we could bombard the shore, too. they would fire 15 rounds a minute. here's one of our guns. 16 inch in diameter. i could fit in there. each one of these barrels, 67-feet long. that will fire a projectile 24 miles. one day i fired the guns, too. i didn't hear the boom like you would out here, but i felt the concussion of it. the last gun i shot in my life, this gun. one day i had the pleasure of actually driving. i remember making a turn to starboard, right, and the whole ship just went.
wow, this works. driving a battleship. we're doing everything from deck work, we've got the mast up. we've got a lot of money from the state of iowa to get the painting done. the ship sat for 20 years. i mean, to look at her the way she looked a couple months ago compared to now is amazing. i hope everybody enjoys it when they come out. >> it cost $7 million to clean up the iowa. $3 million came from the state of iowa. and like the man who took us on the tour, the ship is staffed with veterans volunteering their time. his fight for human rights has inspired millions around the world, including his family members who today are launching a unique tribute to his legacy. still to come, my exclusive conversation with the grand daughters of nelson mandela. over the south pacific in 1943. i got mine in iraq, 2003. usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation. because it offers a superior level of protection,
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welcome back. to the world he is an icon, a humanitarian, and an activist. to those closest to him, this man, former south african president, nelson mandela, is a beloved husband, father, and grandfather. now as mandela approaches his 94th birthday, some member of his family have designed a unique tribute to the man lovingly called madiba in his native south africa. joining me are two of his grandchildren. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> hi, randi. >> today i understand you're launching a clothing line to help those who wear the apparel not only remember your grandfather's legacy but aspire to great works of their own. and this fashion line, i know it
includes the t-shirts, caps, and hoodies. they share the name of your grandfather's autobiography which is entitled "long walk to freedom." i want to talk about that. first, i want to ask you because mr. mandela was hospitalized earlier this year, so how your grandfather doing? >> he's doing very well. he's very happy, very healthy. he's doing very well, yes, thank you for asking. >> that's wonderful to hear. one of the centerpieces of the sideline a t-shirt emblazoned with the number 67. can you tell us the significance of that number in your grandmoth grandfather's life? >> the significance is that my grandfather dedicated 67 years of his life to the liberation of south africa. also symbolizes a call to action by him on his birthday, which is july 18, which is coming up very
soon. to south africans and people across the world to pay it forward, to dedicate 67 minutes of their own time doing something good in the communities and their neighborho neighborhoods as he spent his life doing so. >> we have some pictures of you with your grandfather on his last birthday wearing the sweatshirts that you designed for the family. i'm curious what he thinks of the line. has he seen it yet? >> he's seen the new line and loves it. he's proud of it. the whole family is proud of the new line. and we're happy to be here to share it with the world today. >> the united nations has declared your grandfather's birthday, july 18, as nelson mandela international day. a day in which people around the globe are asked to give at least 67 minutes of their time to service. is there any way for your apparel to be incorporated into that day at all? >> yes.
we are on line, on, where people can find our products of t-shirts and hoodies and caps. and yes, just -- you know, just bringing the message through of the 67 minutes that people can dedicate doing something good and paying it forward. and this is one of the ways that we also want to celebrate his life and celebrate his legacy through this apparel that we have created. that we're proud of and very excited about. >> yes. >> and we hope that people can also join us in this journey of celebrating his life and creating a legacy. >> and to honor him, as well. >> any special plans for the birthda birthday? >> this year as a family day, we'll go down on the 18th. we'll all be there, the family will be there with him. it's going to be just us and
giving him lots of love. and just praising him and just keeping him happy for the day. >> i want to ask you because the fact that both of you are able to sit here in 2012 as businesswomen launching this global fashion line, what does that say about what your grandfather has done and his success in helping to transform south africa do you think? >> i think it speaks to the fact that he gave of his life to create these opportunities for young people like ourselves as women, as the youth, to be entrepreneurial and to decide and choose for themselves, you know, how it is you want to sort of create opportunities for yourself. so i mean, i'm proud to, you know, be afforded the opportunity to do so. >> yes. >> this is one of the ways that, you know, we are able to sort of, you know, create opportunities for ourselves and for other people, through employing people who are also going to be able to work on this
brand. so we're very, very excited. very proud that we can -- we have this opportunity, yeah. >> well, from those of us here at cnn, please do wish him a very happy, healthy 94th birthday. thank you both very much. >> thank you very much for having us. >> thank you, randi. thank you very much. we'd like to also say hi to anderson cooper. we're huge fans of his. >> we love the show. watch it all the time. please pass that on to him. >> i will give him your best. >> thank you. >> thanks! history in the making today at wimbledon. could the british end the more than 70-year drought on their home court? mid grade dark roast forest fresh full tank brain freeze cake donettes rolling hot dogs bag of ice anti-freeze wash and dry diesel self-serve fix a flat jumper cables 5% cashback
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it is murray mania today at wimbledon. british tennis star andy murray has the crowds buzzing about a possible hometown winner. the first since the 1930s. >> i think he can do it. i really do honestly think he can do. it i think we need to be more positive about it. yeah. i think he can do it. >> i think the pressure's going to be incredible. yeah, i think he can do it. confident. >> great, 2012 is a big year for britain. can cap it off after 74 years. >> okay. not exactly brimming with confidence, but obviously some people think he can do it. they know that he has to beat roger federer for the title. and federer has won the championship six times. cnn world sports' amanda davies is there with a ticket to this
one. is all the talk about andy murray now? >> reporter: randi, this morning i can tell you it's quite nuts here. british -- british tennis fans have been waiting a very, very long time for this, as you said. fans have been camping out since saturday morning in the wind and the rain to get their hands on one of the tickets just to go inside the all england club to watch the match on big screens. we know that the prime minister, david cameron, is coming to watch from the royal box as are the beckhams, as is kate middleton. an estimated 20 million people are expected to watch the match on television. andy murray, though, says he's going to treat it as any other day. he said he was going to get up as normal at 9:00, have his usual breakfast of porridge and yogurt, then maybe have a go on his computer games, take his dogs for a walk, and then come here as normal, being driven by a friend in an old v.w. polo. you suspect he probably hasn't
looked at the papers. but if he had looked at the papers, there's just a whole lot of andy murray. this is the front page of "the mail" on sunday. "we're all praying for you, andy." papers have cut out and keep andy murray masks. the "independent" on sunday has gone for serious, gone for the commemorative issue, "now's the day. now's the hour." and then this one, "the eye on sunday," a young andy murray, picture of him, n his early days as a schoolboy. and murray still writing his column and says he's guaranteed he's going to give everything today, whatever happens. >> well, he certainly knows that roger federer is going to give everything, too. he's got the number-one ranking in the world on the line and another championship at wimbledon, his seventh. all right, we wish them both luck. thank you very much. and murray's dramatic quest for hometown glory has landed him a spot on our list of the most intriguing people. see who else has caught our attention.
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from his first days with the beatles in 1962, ringo starr has never slowed down. the hysteria of the 1960s gave way to a solo musical career that began in 1970. he's just released his 17th solo studio album called "ringo 2012." he's also been a working actor for decades. and he's touring now with his all-star band. yesterday on his 72nd birthday, i got to speak with the legend. he was as charming as ever. good morning to you, and happy birthday. >> thank you, randi, good morning to you, too.
'72. >> '72. we wish you many, many more. this is -- >> me, too. >> this is really more than a simple happy birthday. i know that this is a big day for you because you want your fans to send out peace and love wishes to the world every year on your birthday. >> yeah. we started this several years ago now. at noon, on my birthday today, of course, the 7th, wherever you are on the pusbus, in the studi hanging out, getting randi tea, whatever you're doing, at noon just go peace and love, that's all i ask for my birthday. peace and love. >> we will do that. 33 minutes from now. >> we're here now at the -- sorry. what did you say? >> i said we will do that 33 minutes from now at noon. >> okay. great. we're here at the hard rock. they've been supportive. very nice lady called annie who
helps us out a lot. so the last five years we've done this. >> i think it's great. you're in nashville also, on tour with the all-star band. let me give our viewers a taste of you performing. >> okay. ♪ >> tell me about the all-star band. this is, what, the 13th version? >> 13th version, i've been doing it now for 23 years. ringo and the all stars. this band is incredibly excellent. we have greg rowley's on organ and keyboard, and he's from santana. so we have "black magic woman." steve lucas from toto, "africa." everybody has to have a hit to be in the band. richard page back, "mister, mister," "broken wings." and todd lundgren back for the
third time doing "bang a drum." a cool lineup, diverse lineup. when you put it together, it works. i don't know -- i didn't know that when i started. >> on top of it, you have your album out, as well, "ringo 2012." >> i hope the camera's on me now. >> we got it. >> that's how it looks. yeah. anyway, yeah, "ringo 2012," i thought let's keep it simple. and you know, there's -- the first track on it is a track i wrote with glen ballard. it's called "anthem." it's an anthem for peace and love. i'm try my best, peace and love, whenever i can. >> he had a lot of peace and love to go around. the beatles, by the way, have sold more than a billion and a half records and counting. thanks for starting your morning with us. we've got much more ahead on "cnn sunday morning," which starts right now.
extreme heat baking half the country. more than 300,000 still without power, and at least 30 dead. a cold front is on the way, but relief may come at a dangerous price. plus, a new discovery about a mystery illness. children dying from a frightening infection that kills within days. and later, it might be cool temperatures at wimbledon, but it's hot on the court. for the first time in 73 years, a brit will -- 74 years, a brit will play in the men's final. good morning, everyone. i'm randi kaye. it is 7:00 on the east coast. 4:00 a.m. in the west. thanks for starting your morning with us. we start this morning with extreme weather. record temperatures being blamed for as many as 30 deaths across seven states. the heat has led to power